The Lead Regulator and Facilitator of Globally Competitive Agriculture

To provide an effective and efficient science-based regulatory service for assurance on quality of agricultural inputs and produce there by promoting sustainable economic growth and development
» Customer focus » Integrity
» Teamwork » Innovation and creativity
» Professionalism » Corporate Social Responsibility
» Transparency »  
Strategic Objectives
» To protect plants from pests, weeds and invasive species.
» To facilitate the review and strengthening of the policy, legal and regulatory framework so that it is in tandem with both local and international agricultural sector emerging issues.
» To support compliance to market requirements.
» To build adequate technical and infrastructural capacity to facilitate efficient and effective delivery of the KEPHIS mandate.
» To mobilize adequate financial resources and ensure optimal allocation and utilization to enable full implementation of planned programmes and activities.
» To enhance synergies through information and resource sharing with stakeholders and partners.
» To enhance the visibility and corporate image of KEPHIS    
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